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Is DICE over their heads?

Does anyone think DICE's quality is slipping? Bad Company was great start, and Bad Company 2 was just as good-if not better. Battlefield 1943 seems ok (I've seen videos, screen shots, and asked people who have it how it is. But I've never played it). But MoH was a bit of a let down, there was virtually no destruction, and not many maps or weapons. Now their releasing a new game? And working on Battlefield 3? Thats...6 games since 2008. They need to slow down!! Play4Free is a Battlefield that, in my opinion, doesn't need to be released. DICE is trying WAY too hard to compete with Call of Duty. I'd rather see a few great quality games (like the Bad Company games), and expansions for them (Like BC2: Vietnam. Good idea in my opinion) then rushed games (like MoH). Just my thoughts.

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