This wiki needs a needs a needs to be revived. How can we do this? All start blogs about how awesome this wiki is? No. Get hyped about the next Battlefield? No. What we need is to get into focusing on what we have and what we can improve. Right now we have a very small amount of editors, but if we can work on the articles we already have and making them better, we can surely start to attract attention to this wiki, and rebuild the foundation and core of this wiki that was lost when school began for many of us. I'm not saying that any of us will be on here every day or even more drastic, every week. We need to form a plan. I for one, want to improve the Battlefield Heroes articles and create some new ones. Personally I think we also can have a new rating system almost like Wikipedia, even though we only have 600, it is good to rate how well we think certain articles are, so we can build up the "F's" and refine the "B's" and "A's". I want this wiki to be prepared for BF:BC2V and beyond! We need to start new projects and small teams/squads...can we do it? I hope so...if you actually read all of this, give me your ideas.

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