"If you would like to tell people about your community, write an article and I'll feature this on our blog. I will usually try to post 2 of these each week so we have a lot of time to add new content .

What I ask of you is an article that tells us a little bit about:

- The history of your community
- How many members
- What goals and ambitions do you have?
- What kind of new features do you have? (Podcasts, Media-gallery etc..)
- How widespread is your community? Is it linked to Ytube, twitter etc..
- How are you getting ready for BF3?

Be creative! There is no limit to how long the article can be but don't make it too short.

Also include some pictures from gatherings, LAN's and your logo!

Submit your article in this section "

Sooo let's do it! Especially good timing with our BDay in 5 days!

NOTE: (I probably can't poert this since it is a part of the UK forums ;P)

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