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Last 2 maps? Also what we need in more DLCs

Anybody know the last 2 maps or may know when we hear? Also I known in the info of End Game that it maybe aa jungle map in there but what about a snow map. I think that would show once again BF3's graphics make you want to cry. Also a snow camo. Maybe the Ranger Camo does match a snow map but a camo for both teams. Sidearms ( Pistols) would be great to have in map packs too now. Another thing is when the next pack happens please fix M26 Dart, DAO-12, and switch pack the ammo the MG36 had with the RPK. Can't think of anything else BF3 needs but was the rumor of the Dinosaur Horde Mode a fail? I think it would show out the graphics the most of everything. A T-Rex chasing soilders in a Little Bird or Rapters chasing them in a DPV. They knock over the DPV and you have to run from them. Best map it would be on is Caspian Border. Oh the last thing! I know we have Terhian Highway but it doesn't show the graphics as good as it did in the beginning of the Campiagn. I say another night map.

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