While putting up the Battlefield 2 Maps Template for the Battlefield 2 maps that we have on the wiki...I've noticed something.

Battlefield 2 Map Pages are:

  1. No where as good as BC 2 map pages
  2. More like walkthrough guides rather than wiki pages
  3. In desperate need of upgrading

Majority have below average/average quality and only 4 of the maps have the map template. Not to mention all of the Special Forces and Euro Force maps do not exist.

What to do? EDIT THEM.

For those of you who do have Battlefield 2, please start editing more Battlefield 2 related pages.

For those who don't have Battlefield 2, at least try to format the Battlefield 2 map pages to match Bc 2 map formatting.

Don't consider this as one of the wiki's 'Operations' by the way. I was actually planning to do this myself but i could use some help. So yeah, if you want to help out just let me know.


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