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Medal of Honor?

DEathgod65 October 13, 2010 User blog:DEathgod65

Anyone got Medal of Honor?

I got it and it's pretty good, haven't finished the story and tried the mutliplayer, but it's good. Even though IGN gave it a 6.0/6.5 rating

I mean like the singleplayer campaign is pretty good, from CAS from A-10 Thunderbolts, AC-130s and that rescue by 2 AH-64 Apaches. Not to mention that Chinook getting shot down by a surprise attack by the Taliban...and stealth missions where you don't really fuck up the stealth and to be a gunner of one of the AH-64s that rescued the rangers. Both BF:BC 2 and MW 2 only lets you be a gunner of a Blackhawk (MW 2 gets extra points for giving you a AC-130 as well).

So yeah...IGN reviews kinda suck (Or do they?)

Thoughts about MoH? Or IGN.

UPDATE: Finished the campaign, it was pretty alright. Cool ending, Rangers, SEALs, chinooks, miniguns, Close Air Support, overuse of the term Danger Close, lots of sniping, cool beards.

It's worth getting, i wouldn't call it the CoD and Battlefield Killer but it's not a terrible game either.
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