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  • I live in West Virginia
  • I was born on December 26
  • My occupation is Gamer/Editor/student
  • I am Serious, Short Tempered and im a male
  • Dan67

    I'm Dan67 and i was wondering if anybody in the BF3 series misses the old DICE servers before Multiplayer Update 3 came out. I been playing a lot of gamer Hosted Servers and i Found out that 30% of some Gamer Hosted Servers are either Poorly Managed or have an Abusive Admin on one of them, I know it sounds hard to believe but the Rent a Server Update to me (to some others) is probably the worst idea i have ever seen in my life.

    Dice Servers are Public servers that are open to anybody who has xbox live or Internet Connection and are controled by DICE themselves, They Don't Ban nor Kick Gamers out of a Server without a Logical reason First. Gamer Hosted Servers are unpredictable and can kick or Ban anybody depending on the rules of their serv…

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  • Dan67

    We know there's a lot of guns on Battlefield but the question is which gun is so good that can actually be considered badass in Battlefield? I can't make up the winner since this soley based on the community's Choice and not mines, so which gun is better we don't know till we get the majority vote and the winning gun's picture will be posted on this blog.

    By Only one Popular vote the M16A3 wins for this day's blog

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  • Dan67

    I'm Dan67 and i'm starting to get tired of the same old same old Human vs Human gameplay, I never seen a Battlefield that has used AI bots to Play Multiplayer and I hope Battlefield 4 adds a Twist to the Multiplayer instead of Having the usual Cookie-cutter battlefield (No offense, but Casual Gaming is almost Impossible with human Players)

    AI or artifical Intellegeince is a type of computer controlled bot that is Scripted to challenge, Inform and even help the player in Various Situations, If bots are going to be added to Multiplayer it should be at least good enough to where they won't look Inferior on Multiplayer

    Here's a Scripted version i thought up for AI bots in Battlefield 4's multiplayer

    • Teamwork: "Focus on the Objective of the game, …

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  • Dan67

    Repair tool drawing tool?

    April 25, 2012 by Dan67

    When I was playing battlefield3, I started to notice in bf3 that you can use the repair tool to draw on walls and even on the ground. I wrote on the wall saying "help" in Tehran highway and drew a fox at the US deployment zone, but the graffiti fades away after you die or starting on a another drawing.

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  • Dan67

    Why do people Hate EA

    April 11, 2012 by Dan67

    That's the Question i don't hate EA but i've been seeing some Negative comments about EA and The Razor (Which he made a Biased Blog about EA, Because if he believes that if EA is bad then he wouldn't support being Negative against EA). I liked EA for Two Reasons they helped out in making the Sims and of course Battlefield But why must you hate something that provides you with at least some Decent Entertainmet it's better then not getting to play the game at all.

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