I'm Dan67 and i'm starting to get tired of the same old same old Human vs Human gameplay, I never seen a Battlefield that has used AI bots to Play Multiplayer and I hope Battlefield 4 adds a Twist to the Multiplayer instead of Having the usual Cookie-cutter battlefield (No offense, but Casual Gaming is almost Impossible with human Players)

What is AI?

AI or artifical Intellegeince is a type of computer controlled bot that is Scripted to challenge, Inform and even help the player in Various Situations, If bots are going to be added to Multiplayer it should be at least good enough to where they won't look Inferior on Multiplayer

Here's a Scripted version i thought up for AI bots in Battlefield 4's multiplayer

  • Teamwork: "Focus on the Objective of the game, Should we team up?, is the enemy stronger then us, considering alternate way to dispose enemy"
  • Problem solving: "Is Something stopping us from Completing our Objective, is our armor damaged focus on repairs and provide cover fire when possible, do we have less teammates considering sneaking behind the enemy"
  • Observation: "Does my allie need a Medkit or Ammo, An enemy is hiding focusing on sneaky enemy and anyone who is around he/she will be killed"
  • Skill: "Do i have a Stronger weapon then the enemy?, Am i running low on ammo prefer asking to teammate for ammo, Am i hurt consider fleeing and finding a safe spot till fully or half healed, Should i steal the enemy's weapon in case if i can't find ammo"

While the four Intel inputs for A.I sound impossible but it's severity can be lowered depending on difficulty and based on the player's skill level.

Note: "if this insults you i didn't mean for it to happen, Please leave your thoughts in the comments box."

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