I'm Dan67 and i was wondering if anybody in the BF3 series misses the old DICE servers before Multiplayer Update 3 came out. I been playing a lot of gamer Hosted Servers and i Found out that 30% of some Gamer Hosted Servers are either Poorly Managed or have an Abusive Admin on one of them, I know it sounds hard to believe but the Rent a Server Update to me (to some others) is probably the worst idea i have ever seen in my life.

What's the Difference?

Dice Servers are Public servers that are open to anybody who has xbox live or Internet Connection and are controled by DICE themselves, They Don't Ban nor Kick Gamers out of a Server without a Logical reason First. Gamer Hosted Servers are unpredictable and can kick or Ban anybody depending on the rules of their server or if they are short tempered there more likely to kick gamers out of their server so they can win easily. Leave your thoughts in the comments box to see if this is true or not?

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