The MAV is just a flying Blender and the chances of getting killed by one is 1 in 100 getting killed by Other players is 1 in 4. Also the MAV needs to make a complete straight run to cause a Roadkill and trust me its very hard to pull off a Roadkill with an MAV without Hitting the wall or some random Object Above me so yeah its not a Instant kill weapon unless the player is standing up and that he's not moving for 5seconds for the MAV to charge and kill him in a straight line. If you Don't believe this then my Gamertag is Zodiac5517 and i will personally show you how difficult it is to pilot and kill players with an MAV also for those who are trolling with the MAV please stop your making fun of people who use the recon class it's hurtful and it needs to stop. If this was a page please take it to blogs because i thought i was making a Blog?

Picture of a Micro air Vechile

MAV Iraq

Soliders following a MAV

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