Battlefield 3 is awesome but it's matchmaking is fast and unpredictable which means you can be too early or too late for a game. Two since it doesn't behave like halo reach's matchmaking which involves being specific on which type of people you want to play with based on their behavior and skill level, however BF3 fails to acknowledge this type of system and it has resulted in some bad Games. Yesterday me and my friend zamari96 couldn't connect to each other because it kept saying "error can't join game session" or "error you don't have the updated version, please have the update version to join the game". It's odd because I already have the updated version and yet again it's been doing that to the point where I couldn't join my friend and he was going sell his xbox due to the fact that he's being annoyed by hackers in bf3 and mw3 DX.--Dan67 13:39, March 16, 2012 (UTC)

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