Which Moment in BF3 you Found Funny

What's your funniest moment while you were playing Battlefield3 or anyother battlefield game. it can be anything like Suicide jeep, Team-killing, camping and even using Gadgets in a Funny way so be Creative and have some fun.

Funny LeaderBoards

  1. Operation metro fire funny by Charccoal21
  2. Operation metro Rush Game fail Funny by Maxwell123
  3. Friendly Fire With a RPG funny by Angel of Anarchy
  4. C4 and Headshot by a Tank funny by Raymorn
  5. Landmines on a Growler along with Suicide Funny by USMC Lance
  6. Airborne Hijack Fail funny by Bumblebeeprime09
  7. Random Object and Hate mail Funny by Hello Losers
  8. Jet Whiplash Funny by Slopijoe
  9. Bad Luck In the Sky Funny by 3RDRANGER
  10. Humvee Jack-knife Funny by Heatedpete
  11. Operating a Venom Fail By Raven's wing
  12. Bail out and jack knifed by a Jet funny by Shaky Skeleton
  13. James bond Fail by a Wiki contributer
  14. Air-born funny death by UK13
  15. ....
  16. ....
  17. ....
  18. ....
  19. ....
  20. ....

Free Games Below (Warning once in a Game you'll be kicked out of the Blog due to the Game Loading you to the Website so Comment before Playing)


Thanks for helping out Guys i'll update the Funny Leaderboards up to 10more people since i see like 21comments on my Blog and also I'll add two new games from thanks for helping out.

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