I'm Dan67 i'm a Gamer on the xbox360, a High school student Multi-tasking between work and being on the wikis to help make games Epic in any other way possible. I lost my Chances of becoming Admin on Castleminer because King Fredrick VI thinks there's better writers then me ("which is somewhat hurtful to me since i been working on his site for the past 2years before it got popular"), Also i Was called a Stalker by Raven Wings (i can understand why because of my Obessive behavior to edit a lot on the wikis, But why she calling me a stalker is just wrong"). I Have anger-issues with some people (not everybody) and yes i do read your comments so behave when i'm telling my story so you can understand how it feels to be a Depressed Indie kid in the real world and sometimes a misunderstood contributer on the wikis, which is suppose to not happen like this but life always fucks up the most enjoying things in life. I have 92 friends on Xbox360 but only 1 friend in real life because the kids at my school act like total **** so yeah I deal with a lot of shit in a very small amount of time.

Note:"Don't make Negative Comments without a Logical Reason"

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