I remember that someone uploaded some gun sound effects from BF3......and I was wondering if someone may, in due time, attempt to upload the gun sounds from BF4?  The gun sound effects and similar foley in BF4 are pretty good, and admittedly I would love to have them if possible.  Sadly I can't upload the sounds myself, not only because I don't have the PC version, but also because I don't have DVR capabilities....or actually, I know the PS4 can upload videos, but the audio in BF4 is cut when recording in-game footage.

However, whenever someone goes about uploading the sound effects, it would be nice if it were possible to get not only the gunshots, but also the reloading sound effects.  In this case, do not just hold the trigger until the magazine is empty, but also hit the reload button a few seconds after a gunshot....because the reload sounds do sound alike, but the last gunshot drowns out the sound of the magazine ejection and such.

Also, getting the sound effects for stocking up on ammo from an ammo-crate would be a nice addition; they no longer sound like keys jingling, and sound more like equipping magazines and stuff.

I can't ask for anyone to do this immediately; it will take some time.  But I just hope my suggestions are taken into account.

Thanks in advance. (:

Dave55811 (talk) 16:33, December 12, 2013 (UTC)

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