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  • Delta1138

    Well, two patterns that I kinda like were added with BF Premium, and that gave me an idea. Why not ask the wikians what they would like to see? Now, I don't actually have BF Premium, although I'd like to, but the Appearance page already lists two camos for each team. The two US camos added I would've put here if they weren't already in-game.

    • US Navy Naval Working Uniform Type III (formerly known as AOR-2):

    This digital woodland pattern is slowly being phased into use for use by the Navy in non-desert and non-shipboard operating areas and stateside.

    • Tigerstripe:

    This camouflage was immortalized by the Vietnam War, where it was used by the US and its allies to great effect. It continues to influence the development of camouflage patterns to this…

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  • Delta1138

    So like the title says, there's some guns I'd like to see in BF3, and I'm putting them here. Some of them don't fit in the current pattern of unlocks in DLCs (2 ARs, 2 carbines, 2 LMGs, 2 snipers, a shotgun, and a PDW), such as the pistols. If there's anything you'd like to see, or you just want to say something, please leave a comment.

    • A Heckler & Koch USP Compact Tactical. With an 8+1 magazine size, large .45 caliber round, and a LAM (Laser Aiming Module) attached, it would form a hybrid of the Glock 17's modern design and laser sight, and the M1911's power and magazine size. It would have a suppressed and non-suppressed version, with both having the LAM mounted. The Compact Tactical is available only in .45 IRL, although the separate Com…

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  • Delta1138

    Like the title says, I'd like to know what hypothetical maps you'd like to see.

    One map I'd like to see is also listed on my Euroforce wishlist blog. A map that shows the kind of conventional warfare the Cold War was supposed to end with. A massive clash of armored vehicles in Germany, with attacker aircraft and helicopters filling the skies as tanks and IFVs fight in massive skirmishes. Infantry dismounting from IFVs to take hastily erected camps similar to the one at the start of Tehran Highway, as rockets and tank shells turn the once lush plains into a green-gray graveyard pockmarked by craters. The camps are placed almost randomly, resulting in a multi-directional push. I call this vision "Operation Longstep".

    Another would be a similar…

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  • Delta1138

    Okay, now Imma start off by saying I don't expect a Commander Shepard level of customization, but I'd certainly like to have more options.

    First of all, I'd like hats, before you say "GO BAKC TO TF2 YUO CASAUL NU0B!!!!!", shut up and listen. I'd also like to customize the shirt, gloves, and pants. And race too, since the US has such diversity, and Russia is adjacent to China and Mongolia.

    Now by "customize" I mean swap models and patterns. For example, let's pretend I'm playing as a US Assault on, oh, let's say Sharqi Peninsula. I switch the race to caucasian, give myself rolled up Engie-style sleeves, put on Multicam and I'm done. Now I'd favor doing this in-game, but I'd understand having to go to the menu. Or maybe I feel like making my U…

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  • Delta1138

    First off, let me say that I am a proud American, born and raised in Arizona. That said, I've always enjoyed playing as the armed forces of US allies. Rumors have stated that Armored Kill will contain British or other European forces. I would love this, and have compiled an ultimately pointless wishlist.

    And should Armored Kill turn out to not be a Euroforce expansion, I still have hope. I have hope because I remember reading a DICE employee had said that Endgame isn't neccessarily the last BF3 DLC, and that DICE plans to support BF3 for a while.

    Assuming the rumors about Armored Kill are true, and there is a British or Euro team, I've got a wishlist.

    • Maps taking place in Germany and Britain, to fit the "Global War of 2014".
    • Said maps are NATO/EU Vs Rus…

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