Well, two patterns that I kinda like were added with BF Premium, and that gave me an idea. Why not ask the wikians what they would like to see? Now, I don't actually have BF Premium, although I'd like to, but the Appearance page already lists two camos for each team. The two US camos added I would've put here if they weren't already in-game.


  • US Navy Naval Working Uniform Type III (formerly known as AOR-2):

This digital woodland pattern is slowly being phased into use for use by the Navy in non-desert and non-shipboard operating areas and stateside.

  • Tigerstripe:

This camouflage was immortalized by the Vietnam War, where it was used by the US and its allies to great effect. It continues to influence the development of camouflage patterns to this day. EDIT: Judging from a screenshot at the bottom of the Appearance page, Tigerstripe is in fact coming to BF3, with the iconic woodland variant being seen on a US Recon. I presume it will be called "Tiger Camo" and the Russian urban tiger will be featured as well.

  • Multi-Terrain Pattern:

This pattern is a combination of the American Multicam and the older British DPM. For its implementation into BF3, it would likely have to be more desert oriented than the Multicam already featured.

  • Desert Tigerstripe:

This pattern was used by UK special forces during operation Iraqi Freedom, and is a Tigerstripe variant repurposed for use in arid locales.

  • Flecktarn:

This fairly recently created German pattern has inspired an entire family of similar patterns, one of which is already used by the RU team. This particular variant is the original German one.

  • Disruptive Pattern Material:

This pattern is descended from the WWII era Denison Smock, and was made for use in a European theater of war.

  • Digital Blue:

This pattern is used by the US Navy as its standard working uniform, and is ubiquitous aboard United States Navy ships.


  • Urban Kamysh:

The urban tigerstripe pattern already included as a part of the SPECACT camo is expanded to be a full body camo.


This list will likely be updated continually.

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