Like the title says, I'd like to know what hypothetical maps you'd like to see.

One map I'd like to see is also listed on my Euroforce wishlist blog. A map that shows the kind of conventional warfare the Cold War was supposed to end with. A massive clash of armored vehicles in Germany, with attacker aircraft and helicopters filling the skies as tanks and IFVs fight in massive skirmishes. Infantry dismounting from IFVs to take hastily erected camps similar to the one at the start of Tehran Highway, as rockets and tank shells turn the once lush plains into a green-gray graveyard pockmarked by craters. The camps are placed almost randomly, resulting in a multi-directional push. I call this vision "Operation Longstep".

Another would be a similar composition, but the frontlines would be clearly marked by the northern and southern fortifications, and distinguished by a few tunnels that cross the starting frontlines. This place of which I speak is none other than the Korean Demilitarized Zone, also known as the DMZ. As opposed to somewhat randomly placed camps, the area between the fortifications would be a barren, featureless grassland, punctuated by rocks. Despite a similar formula to "Operation Longstep", the DMZ would be a symmetrical battlefield with a large no-mans-land with two large bases and head-on battles, as opposed to the more complex multi-front battle of "Operation Longstep". The name for this map would simply be "Demilitarized Zone".

I have more on the way, come back soon.

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