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  • DiCePWNeD

    Remember to license images!

    September 18, 2013 by DiCePWNeD

    While it is surely an exciting moment for the Battlefield community with much new media being released on Battlefield 4, I cannot stress the importance of licensing images. Fellow editors, please license your images, actually, right now, go check through all your posted media and license them.

    While this may take a while, licensing is purely for benefit to the wiki so we don't get our asses sued EA will not trouble us.

    If you have forgotten or don't remember how to license images, refer to the wiki's policy on licensing.

    See you next time on the Battlefield!

    DiCePWNeDRecon|Logistics|Support 12:08, September 18, 2013 (UTC)

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  • DiCePWNeD

    E3 is finished however, there is still a abundance of BF4 Alpha info yet to be stated. There are plenty videos of BF4 at E3 on Youtube and I'll show some important ones from LevelCapGaming.

    Get editing!

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  • DiCePWNeD

    DICE has released a few more details about the upcoming Battlefield 3 Aftermath expansion, including a fly-through of one of the maps. The new expansion will feature aftershocks that go off at random intervals, and will obviously affect the gameplay. The ground will shake, debris will fall off buildings, etc, which will affect, or rather, disturb players throughout the map.

    Aftermath will include 4 new maps, new weapons, new game modes, and new vehicles as well. It will launch next month. Premium members will of get it for free as it's part of the pack, while regular players will need to fork up $15 for the DLC. Also, check out a fly through of the map “Epicenter” here.

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  • DiCePWNeD


    It looks like the chracter models are changed to fit in with the 'earthquake aftermath' setting (yay :) )

    And there is a crossbow set to be released in it as well.

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  • DiCePWNeD

    The first platform to complete 19,420 rounds of any game mode on Wake Island in Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand will unlock a special new dog tag that the entire community can use, whether on PS3, PC or Xbox360. In the spirit of celebration this first challenge won’t see any losers, but the sooner you reach the goal, the sooner the dog tag will be unlocked. We start counting progress towards 19,420 rounds played on Thursday Sept 27th at 5:00pm CET.

    Lets go soldiers,win this challenge for X-box, PS3 (yeah :) ) or PC, which ever wins first and fight on this legendary battlefield, that is, Wake Island.

    DICE said they'll keep having challenges like this every month until the End Game DLC comes out.

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