Hi Guys,

I have come up with a theory of why DICE have chosen to make BF4 instead of BFBC2. Now I actually havent properly played any BC but I hope this is a good interpretation of DICE's motives.

When BF3 was released, a lot of BF veterans (who have played BF2/BF1942/BFVietnam/etc.) complained about things like: no commander, no jet bombs, no VOIP, COD like maps such as OP:Metro and CQ DLC, no mod tools, limited destruction (even BC2's destruction was better), and the mass arrival of players from cod,lack of factions,etc,blah blah.

Then I remember Roland or some other DICE dev talking about Frostbite's potential, that BF3 was just a stepping stone. I realised that BF4 is going to be THE Battlefield weve been waiting for. I hope that DICE will bring back all the original things that made me and lots of you guys love about the old battlefield games such as getting blasted half a mile in the air by an artillery strike, or watching the titan in 2142 explode or getting your first loopzook kill in 1942 back into BF4 and future games.

Regards, DiCePWNeD

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