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  • Dragonfly18

    On July 19th, DICE and EA released a new trailer for Armored Kill. The video displayed gameplay from both Bandar Desert (The largest Battlefield map in history) and Alborz Mountain(The first map in Battlefield 3 with a significant amount of snow and ice). As the expansion emphasized, both maps were shown to have wide open space with seven capture points in Conquest Large and a wide spectrum of vehicles. Vehicles such as attack helicopters, jets, tanks, transport, and scout helicopters make a return along with new vehicles such as the AC-130, tank destroyers, mobile artillery, and ATVs. The DLC will also include a new gamemode called Tank Superiority. Armored Kill is set to be released in September, 2012. What are your thoughts on Armored K…

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  • Dragonfly18

    DICE released a gameplay trailer showcasing the second map for the Close Quarters Expansion. The new trailer gave a glimpse into the new Conquest Domination mode which is another variant of the classic Conquest mode. What do you think of this map? If another blog post has been made before this one, delete this one.

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  • Dragonfly18

    There has been some speculation that DICE added changes to Battlefield 3 without mentioning them within the official patch notes. It is not known at this time if all of them are true. Some examples include:

    • Moved AA emplacement on Kharg Island (US on carrier and Ru on airstrip)
    • Vehicle respawn time is faster
    • Shorter game countdown
    • Top halves of light poles can be destroyed by aircraft
    • Ability to spawn into AA emplacements
    • Improved sound?
    • Sound cutout fixed (not confirmed)
    • You can quit between rounds
    • Scout helicopter added to Sharqi Peninsula Rush
    • Minimap boundaries are now orange and more noticeable

    There may be some things here that are actually mentioned in the official patch notes. Feel free to verify any of these speculations. Source: http://www.…

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  • Dragonfly18

    EA Vs. Bell Textron

    January 15, 2012 by Dragonfly18

    According to GameInformer and Kotaku, EA will most likely be sued by the Bell parent company Textron. Textron accused EA of using 3 helicopters without permission in Battlefield 3. Textron has ordered the 3 helicopters to be removed from the game. The three helicopters are the AH-1Z Viper, UH-1Y, and the V-22 Osprey. Talks were made between the two but did not go well. EA has defended themselves by using the First Amendment for fair usage. In my opinon, this is just outrageous since Textron or any other company did not accuse other companies for using their aircraft (Have they?). EA has also specifically stated in some of their trailers that "The depiction of any weapon or vehicle in this game does not indicate affiliation, sponsorship or …

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  • Dragonfly18

    Today DICE released a trailer showing brief scenes of multiplayer gameplay of PC footage on what seems to be all 9 maps. The most impressive part of the trailer appears to be Damavand Peak where the attackers must base jump into the defender's base and drop 500 meters(5000?). Other maps such as Tehran Highway, Seine Crossing, Noshar Canals, and Kharg Island were also depicted. Additionally, the trailer showed a sneak peek at the Back to Karkand Expansion, a remake of four Battlefield 2 maps.

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