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There has been some speculation that DICE added changes to Battlefield 3 without mentioning them within the official patch notes. It is not known at this time if all of them are true. Some examples include:

  • Moved AA emplacement on Kharg Island (US on carrier and Ru on airstrip)
  • Vehicle respawn time is faster
  • Shorter game countdownthumb|300px|right|BF3 PS3 post patch gameplay
  • Top halves of light poles can be destroyed by aircraft
  • Ability to spawn into AA emplacements
  • Improved sound?
  • Sound cutout fixed (not confirmed)
  • You can quit between rounds
  • Scout helicopter added to Sharqi Peninsula Rush
  • Minimap boundaries are now orange and more noticeable

There may be some things here that are actually mentioned in the official patch notes. Feel free to verify thumb|300px|right|Scout helicopter gameplay Sharqi Peninsulaany of these speculations. Source:

The list has grown significantly from the day it was first posted so you may want to see it again. I would also like to warn everyone that as of the patch for March 27th and 29th, 2012, heat-seekers will no longer work against aircraft so it is recommended to use another vehicle spec.

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