I don't know if someone already posted a blog about this so I'm sorry if another user has made one. I'm starting to worry that this game will not be Battlefield 3, but rather it will be Battlefield: Bad Company 3. Many of the features from Battlefield 2 are missing or not confirmed in Battlefield 3.

Commander mode has been confirmed to not return and this will result in less cohesiveness between squads. The commander was the player responsible for organizing and directing all players into battle. The commander also controlled many of the team's assets such as supplies, artillery, and UAV. Without a commander, the cooperation in many of the main Battlefield titles will vanish.

Mod tools are also confirmed to not return as the developers state that the engine Frostbite 2.0 is too complex to modify. They are probably lying because they don't want to share their engine, or they're too busy for mod tools, or the publisher wants to release DLCs. Mod tools extended the game's life span because they gave players with creativity a chance to make their own maps or features. Battlefield 2's Project Reality Mod is one of the finest examples of this. There has been no word on the Commo Rose but hopefully they'll bring it back since the Commo Rose allowed players to quickly relay a messsage or a command with ease. Without it, communication would be more difficult and frustrating for many.

The last thing I want to mention is 3D spotting. Although many servers in Bad Company 2 had the option to turn it off and hardcore mode made it useless, many PC players despise this feature. 3D spotting is considered to be a legal wallhack and takes the skill out of the game. It appears that 3D spotting will return in Battlefield 3. I'm hoping that the developers will modify or remove 3D spotting as 2D spotting was already perfect. I know this is the Alpha, but we're a month away from the Beta and the developers do not have much more time left for the game. Be sure to tell me about any features from Battlefield 2 that are omitted in Battlefield 3.

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