• EightOhEight

    Today, I'm going to be looking at Classes

    First of all - boost of damage, maybe 10-15 for every gun. Nobody wants to have to shoot 6 KORD bullets into someone to kill them.

    Second, big boost for the assault. I've personally never used the assault, because it sucks so bad.

    Boost 40mm launcher, add barrel extensions for specializations.

    For their gear, ammo kits seem redundant. I'd have added binoculars, holographic sights, and just an overall efficiency boost.

    Third - make RPG-7s, M2CGs, and AT4s be able to take down helicopters in one shot. I mean, something hitting a helicopter with such force will definitely topple it and send it crashing down.

    Fourth - increase splash damage for everything explosive, except Mortar Strikes.

    And finally, make sil…

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