This is pretty much my opinion on the CoD community, so don't be mad.

Pros:Large Community

A large community is good:You'l never enter an empty game lobby, and full games are always fun and exciting.

2.Some of them are mature

We all see now, that in the gaming world,CoD commentators are everywhere.And they have huge sub numbers too.But that's not the point:Most of these commentators are open minded and mature(save for a few).

Cons:Community full of 10-year olds

When I first played CoD 4, all I hear is deep voices everywhere.But in MW2, I can't go through a single moment without having a kid scream down the mic.I remembered saying "good luck guys" and their replies: 10 year olds screaming "fuck off noob" "stfu kid".Look up " 10/9-year olds playing MW2/BO" on YT , and whole pages will show up.

2. Close-minded community

CoD fanboys(not fans) always come up to BF videos and spam the comments page with "BF sux CoD rulezzzz!!" kind of posts.One thing that I don't really hate+ don't understand is that each time a BF fan retaliates in the comments, CoD fanboys will say "if CoD sux then wai its most selling+played game??"Quantity does not equal to quality.Commercial sucess=/= critical sucess.

They apply a CoD mindset to EVERY game.

Back in the early days of BFBC2, everyone was running and gunning(tactically),playing for the objective and teamworking.Now almost every match, I will see bush wookies all the way the back, knife whores and people rushing in without thinking,Because of the hype for BF3, many CoD players tried to get a feeling of what BF is, and they will play it like CoD,resulting in them losing the match.My advice:These people should watch gaemplay videos or ask for tips from a veteran or something else.

TheEnd004500 also have noted this in his video, "XBOX vs PS3"(although he wrapped it up in the beginning anyway, and he starts talking about BF at 3:00)

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