Hello community. I am ferrariguy1000 and I am glad to be part of this wikia. I love FPS of all types and simulation games. I am familiar with some users back at the CoD Forum (please don't flame me, I love BF just as much :) ) I am generally kind and patient....Ah, you guys probably won't care anyway.

Unique Accessories for Guns?

Something I loved about BF:BC series are the varieties of GLs used and how it fits the weapon. I was excited at the level of customization of BF3. However, there are only two GLs: M320 and GP-30. While not a big thing, I was kinda ticked how there are no unique GLs.

Also, I did hope that there were unique accessories to the forearms as well. For example, the F2000 w/ GL-1 and 1.6x optical sight or the L85s SUSAT. Of course, I don't want it to replace it's most similar accessory (ie: ACOG for SUSAT and 1.6...Is it more a RDS or ACOG?) Well, you get the idea. This is unlikely, but wouldn't it be kinda cool?

Opinions on CQ

CQ does seem to have the weapons, yes I am in love with the MTAR! The CQ part is generally the most controversial. In my opinion, the CoD player inside is quite happy with the maps, but the fact that there isn't Rush in these maps are kinda dissapointing. But it makes sense, imagine a Rush round lasting not even 5 minutes? HD destruction is pretty and I like it, but in my opinion not as important. I have no idea how the new game mode is, but at least conquest is back.

Sorry for being a noob, but what is commorose?

Just asking

Anyways, thanks for having me as a editor and member of this wikia.

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