I know this is extremely unlikely, but I have this idea I would like to share.

Everyone knows that in BF4 Portable Anti Air and AA vehicles in general seem to utterly destroy aircraft within a matter of seconds, worse off those active radar missiles. What if one way to counter them is something called a HARM missile?

I'm quite sure I got this right, but HARM IRL means High speed Anti Radiation Missile. To my knowledge, it guides to a radio signal or a high powered signal in general. What if the HARM missile can guide itself onto AA when the player is locked on by the opposing AA crew. The target doesn't even have to be right center. So long as the plane is facing the general direction of the AA it will lock and seek the source of the lock on and fly straight for it. Wether it be Mobile AA or AA vehicles, I could see this as a simple idea.

Anyone have an input on this idea? Is it too powerful? Is it too weak? Or does it not make any sense at all?

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