• Flamesword300

    So first lets review the patch. First right off the bat I give this patch a 7/10. I play BF4 on the Xbox one. Theres alot the patch changed but I'm only going to talk about the things I didn't like

    So the main reason Its not a 10/10 is because of weapon balanced.

    1. Slow firing weapons still dont have high damage or range compared to high RPM weapons, PDW's are still being out damaged upclose, SR338 is still useless and the shotguns hipfire still sucks. Then correct me if im wrong bf4 still has ADS accuracy delay coming out of sprint. so because of this I took away 2

    2. I still am getting killed around corner, still experiencing trade kills, bad hit detection and rubber banding albeit its less common since the patch. I took away 1 for this.


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  • Flamesword300

    I have not played the game yet since I play on xbox :( but i've been watching alot of gameplay from the game where I'm comfortable giving my first impression.

    So overall I like what I see. As a big fan of BF and COD this game looks great to me. Visually I'd be ok with this but I hope the graphics improve. The game seems to run great no problems from the people whose gameplay i've watch. Vehicles can be damaged by guns so I'm very happy with that since I wanted that implemented. This maps seem to be designed on a smaller scale compared to BF4 maps and seem to be also focusing on fast paced close quarters map design gameplay. I cant confirm this but the guns seem to kill faster. What I mean by this is the map it self to me seems like a small …

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  • Flamesword300

    BF5 ideas

    April 19, 2014 by Flamesword300

    1. Bring back magnum ammo, demolition and a perk like ceramic body armor but changed( partially cancels one shots)

    2. Bring back armor but slightly changed- This and number 1 will be explained in 3

    3. Bring in a perk like armor that works at longer ranges-

    So armor would only work on snipers UPCLOSE!: making it not kill in 1 shot, and this new perk would cancel long range body shots. Then the others work just like they did in BC2.

    This not only allows snipers to better fill their role but keeps them balanced as well as makes the game more tactical.

    Do you want to be protected from snipers 1 shots, drop people faster or be able to survive an extra shot because of ceramic body armor which on snipers would make it an upper chest shot only(lets sa…
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  • Flamesword300

    BF4 review 2

    February 13, 2014 by Flamesword300

    I stand by my other blog posts that gun play isn't balanced in BF4. Handfuls of weapons are usable.

    Now first lets talk about the guns- I do like how BF changed weapons minimum damage model. I also like the new attachments like the angled grip. I also like how carbines are now all kit weapons.

    Maps- This is short and sweet. Map design I like in BF4. Lots of different lines of sight and quick ways to get from on to the other. Easier access to sniper spots and lastly less camping spots and dark corners.

    vehicles- I dont use helicopters and jets because I cant fly them for shit. But I do like how the ground vehicle works. Boats and jet skis are fun to play as well. I dont play conquest or other modes with vehicles a lot though.

    equipment- Th…

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  • Flamesword300

    Im over all impressed that DICE is doing all these changes based on what the community wants and I really do like some of the tweaks theyve done but theres some I still want to see

    They are: In no particular order

    1. Buff the pump shotguns damage output: This is because the M26 and SHORTY are both just as good as the primary shotguns and the M26 shoots just as fast as the SPAS 12/870 and the m26 feels much more consistent and stronger then any of the pumps I've used. Pretty sure all of this may just be me but I also feel the M26 has better range. Then why use a shotguns when you can use these and carry an AEK or PKP.

    The thing I hate is that shotguns got a huge nerf going into this game. The pumps got their damage reduced and their RPM got sl…

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