I think sniping in BF needs to offer more variety and be more practical. I honestly dont see a point is using say the SRR 61 over the CS-LR4. The only real difference for snipers is the lower damage of certain snipers like the FYJS. I say this because zeroing makes all snipers equal in terms of use, at least to me.

So heres my idea on how to add some variety and differences in the sniper rifles. First split them into 3 groups

1. the Scout elite and the FYJS- no change

2. M40, JNG, CS, and the SV98- Increase max damage range to like 20 M. Add a multiplier to the upper chest allowing them outside of their effective range to get a one shot kill for say 10M.

3. SRR, M98 and the 338- Because these are the last snipers you unlock and seeing as they have the highest calibers I think these should be the long range weapons. Buff their max damage range to 25M. The add multipliers allowing these snipers to get one shot kills through their drop offs*. At the end of their drop offs they can kill from the upper chest up at any range.

  • - What I mean by this is so at like 30M they couldnt one shot a guy to his stomach,then at 40M they would loose the one shot to the arms, then eventually the chest until the upper chest was the only body shot left.

Now people are gonna bitch about Quickscoping and be like go play hardcore. First off playing hardcore is not a solution because if you play hardcore youd know 9/10 you get into lobbies of people just campming in corners. As for quickscoping the Armor perks prevents one shot kills upclose and from the way the games designed you cant just point like in cod and one shot a guy you have to aim. This adds realism to the snipers and because of this increase in use more people will play the objective.

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