I stand by my other blog posts that gun play isn't balanced in BF4. Handfuls of weapons are usable.

Now first lets talk about the guns- I do like how BF changed weapons minimum damage model. I also like the new attachments like the angled grip. I also like how carbines are now all kit weapons.

Maps- This is short and sweet. Map design I like in BF4. Lots of different lines of sight and quick ways to get from on to the other. Easier access to sniper spots and lastly less camping spots and dark corners.

vehicles- I dont use helicopters and jets because I cant fly them for shit. But I do like how the ground vehicle works. Boats and jet skis are fun to play as well. I dont play conquest or other modes with vehicles a lot though.

equipment- The equipment are all fine. I dont really have a problem with any of them. Especially now that the infinite explode glitch for the CUAV? is fixed

Overall Bf4 still has problems mostly the 0 health glitch and I'm still getting 1 shot from that bug. Then they have bad hit detection along with that. But over all the game has improved massively.

But that doesnt change how I feel now after playing the game for about 3 1/2 months I just see BF4 as an expansion for BC2.A more modern and better graphics along with slightly better hit detection.

But slightly worse then BC2 because there suppression and armor with no magnum ammo to counter armor. I mean that in the nicest way but Theres nothing massively changed or new in BF4 from BC2.

The other thing BC2 had better balanced weapons. At launch and throughout its 2 years. I really liked how at launch some guns had the upper chest multiplier. To me the guns also seem more accurate overall in both spread and accuracy. The sniping was great in that game as well. Just the amount of range they had and their 1 shot kill ability was perfect.

If BF4 snipers even just 1 or 2 could get the launch sniping range of the M95 for 1 shot body shots or the range from this link below would make BF4 perfect. Snipers can be aggressive and perform their long range roles but is balanced because of armor and the new delay mechanic :

All the above is just my opinion but overall I give the new BF4 a 8/10. It gets docked two points: 1. for the bad weapon balance and 2. The bugs and bad hit detection.

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