Ok straight to the point Bf3 sniping was bad. All through the beta and until they patched it the bolt actions were only one shot kills to the head. The semi auto snipers, slugs and frags rounds were better for long range for a long time. Then to top it off suppression made single shot reliant weapons like pump action shotguns and the bolt action snipers useless. Then to add to that frustration snipers had scope glint. So here are my ideas to improve sniping.

1. Make the bolt action snipers 1 shots from the triceps up at all ranges.

2. 1 shot waist up in 10M then after the 10M one shot kill triceps up. Keep suppression so that snipers dont become OP. Makes aggressive sniping possible and gives snipers a long range support role.

3. Keep it in like how bf3 was except add in ammo types in the straight pull bolt and bipods slot for balancing reasons. You pick quick follow up shots, long range accuracy, or better damage profiles. One could increase range. I would like one that would increase the muzzle velocity, Maybe one could increase one shot kills?

Feel free to leave your opinion and own ideas down below. Keep the comments clean. All ideas are welcome..

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