The sniper rifles are still underpowered simply put heres the reasons why

1. Armor- armor remove the 1 hit up close. This makes snipers constantly needing to hit the head for consistent performance

2. Suppression- This is why I hate the above with a passion. You need to hit the head only Im fine with that. But when you have sway on the scope the suppression makes it worse then you cant aim quickly at mid range(where every pistol in worthless) because the mechanic below.

3. New mechanic - Combined with the above makes sniping only practical at the very long range of big modes like conquest behind cover and prone with a bipod.

These all together make snipers sit in the back of the map just like they did in BF3 were the helped nobody. You know who usually looses in a match on BF4 the team with more snipers. There no reason to use them as you'll always to better with a regular gun.

So heres my few ideas on how to improve sniping

1. give snipers and upper chest multiplier to cancel armor- this will make them play out like BF3 sniper were. Where only an upper chest body shot upclose will be a 1 hit kill.

2. buff snipers range and damage to how it was pre release- . If snipers were like this then the game would be much better.

3.Give snipers and upper chest body shot at all ranges. Will make sniping much more practical at all ranges especially at long range with the 40X scope, range finder and zeroing.

I thought BC2 before the snipers got their minimum damage and range nerfed that sniping was perfect. I want to see something like that come back. People complained it was OP but with the armor perk canceling one shot kills up close I think any of of these ideas will be balanced

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