I have not played the game yet since I play on xbox :( but i've been watching alot of gameplay from the game where I'm comfortable giving my first impression.

So overall I like what I see. As a big fan of BF and COD this game looks great to me. Visually I'd be ok with this but I hope the graphics improve. The game seems to run great no problems from the people whose gameplay i've watch. Vehicles can be damaged by guns so I'm very happy with that since I wanted that implemented. This maps seem to be designed on a smaller scale compared to BF4 maps and seem to be also focusing on fast paced close quarters map design gameplay. I cant confirm this but the guns seem to kill faster. What I mean by this is the map it self to me seems like a small BF map and its design gets you into a lot of CQC situations.

There are things I am a little worried about though like i'm seeing some inconstancies with the R700 so if anyone could help me out with this. Im seeing it kill in 1 shot up close and not at range but then i'll see a guy get 1 shot at long range but then not upclose. Is it to do with the hitbox like the arms dont kill, does the one shot kill potential drop over range so like upclose waist up kills then at range then like a mid range it's the upper chest then it's a headshot at long range, or is armor still in the game? The reason why I'm confused is because these kills dont have the headshot bonus or say assist ? points with them just 100 points and the name of the guy.

Other then this my only real concern is the weapon balance it looks like the pdws are getting out played by the m16a3 and the akm and the slow firing weapons like the g3c6 doesn't seem to have higher damage or range to make up for the slow RPM. Once again haven't played it so I may be WAY wrong here but this ends my first impressions

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