I dont like BF style of balance here why

1. Set damage and range per caliber- This alone doesn't allow much specialization. Yes the weapon performances do very but ever so slightly. Most guns in a class also share base spread accuracy- The main reason this is 1 is because this is the reason why gun like the M16A3 and AEK were such problems why use other guns when the AEK/M16 does everything just as good if not better then every other AR. This leads to 2

2. Removal of real life roles- Because of the system above most guns can perform in the real life roles. When guns with slow fire rate like the QBB 95 in bf3 and they dont have something to make them stand out why bother using them this problem has proceeded onto BF4 in a handful of weapons- Once again all QB variants,G36C,U100MK5,CBJ MS, PP2000, even the Sar 21: all have no reason to be used over other guns in the game. Worst part there are more weapons to add to the list

3. Worthless weapons- Because of the lack of different hit points of damage per shot and pretty much every important other stat, every year theres always a handful of useless weapons.

BF3- Type 88, QBB 95, LSAT, Saiga, Dao 12, MK3A1, USAS 12, PP2000. Pretty much all slow firing weapon do to lack of anything that redeemed their performance. Suppression also made them suffer for guns like the PKP that relied on accuracy because of the slow fire rate if you got suppressed by somebody or shot during a burst your shot will be thrown completely off target. Because of its terrible accuracy this made all the slow firing LMG especially worthless.

4. BF gun buffs I want to see

So in BF4 all slow firing weapons need a buff-

1. make all full automatic guns and the semi auto pistols(except the 1911 and 45) to 37.5 max so in close range they kill in three shots any where on the body even if they gave armor. Other ideas: make pistols more accurate, increase their range or muzzle velocity

Then for DMR buff their damage or range enough to give them a role and practical TTK compared to other guns in the game. Preferred 49-34. so there a 3 shot at all ranges

lastly give snipers a chest multiplier of 1.1 to the chest- Because this lets them partially cancel armor and gives them more practical uses out to mid range where they struggle to do because of the new mechanic were if you dont stay ADS for a second your shot gets thrown off target.

I like this idea because you have to actually have the skill to hit the upper chest at close range, makes middle range much more forgiving because currently pistols and snipers are both useless at this range. Then at long range its still just a headshot.

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