I got BF4 on the xbox one about one month after its launch on PC and older consoles. I must say I like the guy as it is much better then BF3 and that mostly has to do with the changed suppression.

But that doesn't mean the game is perfect and has no flaws thought. To me personally the game feels rushes and under developed. Constantly I'm experiencing frame drops and lag(there is a difference people), bad hit detection, glitches.

AN example of a glitch I can give is I just played a game sniping where as I went into a room. A guy just set down some equipment. He didn't even notice I was there. I switched to my pistol and started firing but no bullets were coming out but I saw white vapor trails come out of my pistol and hear the noise of it firing but no hit markers on the guy. Then the game lagged or dropped a frame and the guy turns around and drills me and I die. That is incredibly frustrating

I dont know if its the games net code but I even have had games where all the above happens multiple times. Another huge issue I have with the game is no spawn protection. Because of this or depending on you view LACK of makes game very easy to end quickly if your team can spawn camp. This makes the game frustrating and slow paced.

Worse yet I spent the last two days trying to connect to servers only to not be connected to any. The game wont save your progress on anything half the time so I cant play the campaign to unlock my favorite weapon because guess what- IT DOESNT SAVE!

I would go as far as saying this is the WORST launch on any game to this date and BY FAR the worst FPS shooter launch I've ever been a part of. If this is the result of trying to beat COD into the market place first then this was the stupidest business decision I've heard of. Im not surprised EA/DICE got voted most corrupt company in America. ALl they care about is money and this PROVES IT! This game should have been in development for another 2 months AT THE LEAST!

Overall as of right now I give BF4 a 5/10 and thats being generous!

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