Ok so straight to the point I want a faster paced game mode.

SIDE NOTE- Im not saying BF isn't fun or fast paced. Just this new mode will be faster

So I have a couple ideas for what the game mode could be- COMMENT IF YOU LIKE OR HATE THE IDEAS! OPINIONS ARE ALWAYS WANTED!

1. Free for all- everyone VS everyone. Only played on the smallest maps and only 24 players can play.

2. VIP escort- A mode where you as a team must get a vehicle or player to a certain check point on the map, while the other team tries to get their VIP to another spot. First team to get the VIP to their designated spot wins.

3. Defend the fort- One team is in a protected area of some kind and the goal of the other team is to break in and eliminate all the players inside the area.

The attacking team would be capable of respawning while the defending team cannot ,but the defending team can revive people. This would force players to work with their respective teams to win.

Now heres a possible twist the players attacking get decreased health while the defending players get increased health.

Now for the main reason the game mode will be faster paced and the changes it brings- In this mode spread, movement penalties and suppression are removed. So the only thing that affects your aim is recoil and bullet drop. Suppression is gone pretty much just to make the mode play faster. I dont find it a problem in BF4 compared to BF3's version. Another change I would like to see is all weapons and gadgets become available for all classess to use. The last change would be that health regenerates faster in this mode as well.

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