Ok first off the frag rounds were very overpowered until the patch weakened them. Now the problem with the frags were their high power and blast area each of which got nerfed. The 2 hit kill with the large blast made spamming them very effective. Then the high damage made it so no weapon but the snipers and shotguns could fight back But because of suppression neither couldn't do a thing. The large blast area made it so if you couldnt hit them twice the 3 hit blast could kill them. Since the patch these rounds are useless.

But to be honest the frags did have some serious downsides 1. If you got suppressed you couldn't hit anything being a single shot and the shotguns lacking accuracy in general, 2. Because it was a single shot it was much harder to hit a target, 3. the spread and bullet drop made them useless past 20M, and 4. the shotguns rate of fire goes down.

Now I'm not saying the frag rounds weren't a problem but they weren't as bad as the community made them to be in my opinion. Since they nerfed the blast area and damage I think with my idea the frags could be better. Heres how I would rebalance the frag rounds to be useful and serve a purpose while not being OP.

How I would balance them-

1. make direct hit and explosion damage 3 hits at all ranges. 49-34(when both are combined) then remove the headshot multiplier- gives shotguns a consistent performing round and gives the frags he ability of long range suppression as well as being able to clear groups easily.

2. I would make it so the FLAK spec. would reduce the direct impact and explosion damage making the frag a 3-4 direct hit and the explosion would go to 4. 3-4 when both are combined. like the way they are now.

3. Lower there suppressive power and remove the RPM penalty from BF3.

feel free to leave your opinions of my ideas and your own ideas on how to balance the frag rounds should they return in BF4.

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