I personally am not satisfied with the balance of vehicle to infantry in BF4 just like how I wasnt in BF3.

I like how in bf4 you can get anti vehicle equipment but I dont really find any of them all that effective .

So heres my idea- make guns do damage towards vehicles BUT! can disable weapons. I know that sound weird but heres what I mean:

So lets say a tank machine gun kills in 2 bullets, with you weapon hitting it X amount of times will make it so the weapons can't fire for X amount of time and will take X amount of time to start regeneration. So in like 5 seconds it will slowly increase the damage of the rounds fired to go back up to 50 damage(a two shot kill) This will make it so (in my opinion) infantry has the chance to fight back against armor better.

Maybe make it so vehicle can get damaged by gun bullets but like 1 damage per bullet but DISABLE them only(making it so they cant move but can be healed) Allowing players to slowly disable vehicles but at the cost of most of their rounds and equipment.

Just my idea you dont have to like or agree

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