Now we all the know the new console will be released soon. what we dont know is they will be later this year or next year sometime. Im going to assume that at E3 this year we will get a sneak peak of the next BF and we we get shown what the new console can do and possibly and announcement of the release date

Now I think the next consoles should allow programs like steam to be run on it so that will the games get better known made by independent developers.

the next console should also have tools to let people who want to get into the gaming industry to develop games and get them out to people. Games should also have modding tools so each title can last a little longer and be funner.

Now in my opinion this is what will make the next consoles the best they can be. If possible make the controllers have the control and sensitivity of the mouse. I say this because its rumored the next consoles are rumored to be pc like quality overall. I mean they will some features like a pc would. example 64 man servers on xbox. They could also make it the controls are completely customizable and make a universal controller for all consoles. Maybe find a way to incorporate tablets, phones, and portable game devices(PS VITA/ 3DS) like use them as your radar or maybe they could be an overview of the map( shows shape of the map, where friendlies and friendly equipment are only)

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