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  • FluoxetinePatch

    Due to recent blog postings on the wiki, I believe it would be beneficial to remind everyone of the BF:CONDUCT; read through it all, specifically (but not limited to) the areas that prevents the posting of content that is deemed to be insulting, inappropriate, inflammatory or otherwise purposeless, in addition to codes concerning our behaviour on the wiki.

    The community we have here is valuable, and the work put in by devoted editors every day helps us strive to be one of the most well informed and best presented gaming wikis on the site. Regardless of content, any edit that was made purely for the good of the site is one that we appreciate. 

    Unfortunately, there will inevitably be disagreements, whether that is through conflict of character…

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  • FluoxetinePatch

    Well, we've been through the lot; weapons, maps, the next installment of the battlefield series. Nearly everyone on the wiki has had their say on what should be and what shouldn't. But what about the things that make Battlefield what it is? What about those steel monstrosities of death and destruction that both rumble on and buzz over the battlefield; I'm talking vehicles, and to be more specific, your favorites.

    With Armored Kill to look forward to in the fall, which vehicles do wish could be in the game, for you to get stuck on small pieces of concrete, rendering the million pound machine useless, or crash land, taking many brave servicemen with you to the grave, because you just haven't learned to fly yet, for as long as the BF3 servers …

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