They only put that in the game because when Modern Warfare 2 released everyone was playing it. When Battlefield Bad Company 2 released it went under the radar. In reality the BF series is better in every way. So they put those references in there to pretty much spit in the face of the CoD fanboys. Call of Duty games are rushed and are made in 1-2 years. Just to continue the precious franchise. On the other hand BF games take 2-5 years to make and are fine tuned. Okay, MW2 was okay campaign wise but multiplayer is horrible and the NUKE ruined it for me. DICE is a european game company and they make good games but Infinty Ward and Treyarch are mostly americans and just care about the money and not game quality. Here is what i think they do, they all sit in a room with a table in it. They take the last CoD game made and add a few things to the game. While DICE is thinking lets revolutionize multiplayer like we did with all of our other games. Lets just say this CoD is for people who don't know that BF exists or little children wanting nazi zombies and killstreaks and BF is for the people that want new gameplay that is fair online and has a great storyline. FURBAG OUT!

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