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Military Terms and Definitions

"Roger/Rog/Copy/Solid Copy/Hooah" - Understood and Acknowledged

"How Copy?" - Do you understand?/Do you copy?

"Mike" - Minute, e.g. "On station in 5 Mikes"

"Klick" - Kilometer e.g. "3 klicks away"

"X-Ray" - Enemy, confirmed hostile

"1 - 12 o'clock" - Positions, pretend that 12-o-clock is your forward area. "3" is your right, "6" is your rear, "9" is your left, etcetra.

"Reference" - Something to use as a marker, in order to find an enemy. E.g. "Reference neon sign to your right, enemy is below it."

"360" - All-around, all sides. e.g. "Give me 360 cover on this area!"

"All Hands" - Everyone in the area/unit/batallion

"Deck/Dirt" - Floor, e.g. "Hit the deck!" or "Hit the dirt!"

"Rook" - Short abbreviation for "Rookie", e.g. a new soldier.

"ACE" - Combat report, standing for Ammo, Casualties, Equipment. Normal replies to this are three colours, e.g. "My ACE is Green-Green-Green."

"Helo/Rotor-Wing" - Helicopter.

"Kev" - Short for Kevlar, e.g. a Kevlar vest.

"Overhead" - Cieling, overhead cover, etc.

"Passed Over" - Turned down for promotion.

"Last" - Normally refers to the last thing said. E.g "Roger your last."

"Topside" - Upper deck of a ship, top level/roof of a building.

"0100" - Refers to time on a 24-hour clock. "1200" being noon, etc.

"Gear up" - Get ready, also used to define an attack, e.g. "Gear's up at 0200"

"Boots down" - The act of getting out of a car/helicopter and onto the ground.

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