Hi guys! I'm starting up a game review website and I'd like you guys to check it out. It is brand new so there's not much on it. Also, I'm using a free plan so it's not sparkly and cool looking. I'm looking forward to Battlefield 3 and reviewing it. I could also use your help. If you can, I'd like to make a review community, so check out my site. If you'd like to help, create a webs account and pm me.Here's my review criteria.

  • You must have played the whole game.
  • You must tell the truth.
  • Your review must be unbiased.(no favorites)
  • Your review must not be damagingly negative.
  • You must eviewe using the following categories: Story, Content< Graphics, Gameplay.

Here is the website URL.

Please come check it out and post feedback. I can't improve unless I know what needs improving.

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