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  • I live in San Miguel/ El Salvador/ Central America
  • I was born on August 14
  • My occupation is Student, amateur writer
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  • GoodGamer14

    We all know that Battlefield has never been about the story of the games but it kind of bothers me that all these conflicts doesnt have a resolution/end.

    How the War of 2014 ended? in a cease fire? a peace treaty? its never explained in the story of Battlefield 4, even trough its clear that the US and the Russian Federation are not at peace but also not at war, which makes it more confusing.

    I know that the story of Battlefield 4 has two outcomes, the first one: Jin-Jie survives and Russia invades China and the second outcome: Jin-Jie dies, Chang takes the government and the US invades China, however, most players agreed that the second outcome is the canonical one as seen in Final Stand were we can see the early logos of the Pan-Asian Coali…

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  • GoodGamer14

    Since the Era of the Modern Military Shooters is clearly about to end, i was thinking that theres a high possibility that Battlefield 5 will be set in the Future, you may say that it would be Battlefield 2143 but since EA wants major installments in the Franchise (Hardline is the exception) to secure major sells, is going to be called Battlefield 5, The Star Wars Battlefront Reboot is another story since that game is not targeted to Titanfall & future Advanced Warfare players (i hope for the love of the Maker), i feel EA will want they own Titanfall/Advanced Warfare like-Battlefield for that audience.

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  • GoodGamer14

    As we can see, most of my prediction of the COPS-Themed Battlefield became true.

    but out of this topic, i must warn that this game is dangerous for the Battlefield franchise since Medal of Honor is out of the loop, if this game sell well (it will do) thats gonna mean that EA will want yearly releases of Battlefield spinoffs since DICE is gonna be busy developing Battlefront and Mirror Edge 2, you may say that EA knows that there cannot be yearly Battlefield releases but EA can force a Battlefield spinoff if the want to, they just have to put a developer working on a small scale Battlefield for two or one year and bum, you have another Battlefield spinoff.

    i can assure you that theres gonna be a Battlefield Hardline 2 in two or three years an…

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  • GoodGamer14


    The Next rumored Battlefield that is going to be developed by Viseral Games, is rumored to be about COPS, the first thing that comes to my mind is a "Counter Strike" style MP and a "Black Ops II" style campaign

    my theories are

    • 16 to 24 players for all consoles.
    • It will have more focus on Close Combat.
    • it will be about Counter-Terrorists (M16,SEAL,SWAT,GRU,etc) against well... Terrorists!
    • Its going to use Frostbite 3 (duh)
    • Maybe it will have some Co-Op modes (because of the popularity of Borderlands,Left for Dead and the Extincion mode of CoD Ghosts)
    • No Wii U version.
    • it going to be announced this year.
    • and maybe it going to be released on November or December.

    My other theories are

    • its not gonna titled "Battlefield"
    • No PS3 and X360 versions

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  • GoodGamer14

    Imagine that EA announces that Battlefield 5 wont have a campaign in 2016-17, what would be your reactions?

    it would be great? it would be bad or you dont care about a campaign?

    i want to know your opinions.

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