We all know that Battlefield has never been about the story of the games but it kind of bothers me that all these conflicts doesnt have a resolution/end.

How the War of 2014 ended? in a cease fire? a peace treaty? its never explained in the story of Battlefield 4, even trough its clear that the US and the Russian Federation are not at peace but also not at war, which makes it more confusing.

I know that the story of Battlefield 4 has two outcomes, the first one: Jin-Jie survives and Russia invades China and the second outcome: Jin-Jie dies, Chang takes the government and the US invades China, however, most players agreed that the second outcome is the canonical one as seen in Final Stand were we can see the early logos of the Pan-Asian Coalition, meaning that ultimately China, Russia and three other unspecified countries became allies.

In my Opinion and too feel continuity in the main series (not counting the Bad Company and F2P games), The War of 2007 (Battlefield 2) ended in the disolution of the Middle Eastern Coalition and its remmants eventually became the PLR and Both China and the Western Forces ended up signing a peace treaty after the American and European forces were pushed out of China and the PLA was pushed out of the US, however Chang Wei was left dissatisfased with the outcome of the war and planned that one day he would have his revenge on the US (and maybe the European Union/NATO).

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