Just a few hours ago, DICE unveiled some details as to what the plot in Battlefield 4 is about.

"The world is on the brink of chaos, China is the tinderbox and you and your squad are the inadvertent spark that could ignite a global conflict. This is Battlefield 4. As Sergeant Daniel Recker, you play as a member of an elite group of unlikely heroes known as Tombstone Squad, navigating the turmoil around you as you fight to save the final hope for peace."

The article then goes on to say that the intel that Tombstone Squad obtained in Baku, Azerbaijan confirmed that China is about to undergo a coup, with Admiral Chang at the head and the Russians supporting him. Additionally, the U.S. has been implicated in the assassination of China's "future leader and voice for peace," Jin Jié. In response to this, Chang has canceled elections and declared martial law. Both American and Russian forces begin to position themselves off China's coasts, which each side staring the other down as they wait for the world to erupt into all-out war.

Read the full article here.


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