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    GDC and DICE

    March 5, 2012 by Heatedpete

    OK, so like me, every DICE fan with a brain is now looking towards the 2012 Games Developers Conference for information about any DICE DLC or patches for Battlefield 3. What I was thinking is something more like the Thunder Run demo last year, with a big, on-stage presentation. Well, that's the problem...

    KM Troedsson, aka ‏ @L_Twin tweeted this an hour before this blog went up:

    Confusion. FYI we're not presenting at GDC, as always we're having a separate PR gig for media at a top secret... bar.

    Any thoughts? Will EA pull rank and force a behind-closed-doors presentation to select media, or will we have another Thunder Run? Will DICE get what they want - a presentation in a bar? Discuss (Nicely!) below and get ready for a big month... probabl…

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  • Heatedpete

    UPDATE: The patch is now live(!!!!!) for all PS3 players, and will be prompted when a player first plays Battlefield 3 when connected to the internet. Again, DICE stresses that you make sure that your headset is set up properly before playing, to avoid reporting problems when its all your fault... - 21:59, February 8, 2012 (UTC)

    Yeah. You heard it...

    The long-awaited patch for the PS3, bringing a fix to the VOIP issues that have been prevelant since release, is slated for a 6th February release, no doubt pending approval by Sony. The patch, which Battlefield Blog claims to be around the 20MB mark, will be mandatory (i.e. you have to download it to play MP), and will be prompted for download once a player launches the game for the first time …

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  • Heatedpete

    According to a news post on Battlelog, there will be a upcoming patch for the PS3 that will be aimed at fixing the VOIP (Voice over IP) issues that have been prevelant since the game's release.

    Many Battlelog users have been complaining about the VOIP issues on the forum, citing the VOIP issues as the cause for a lack of teamwork in Rush/Conquest and PTOing on the PS3 multiplayer. Initial reaction to the news has been good, but, as with previous patches, it is unknown whether the issues will be fixed by this patch.

    The date for the patch has not been released.

    In the same post, it was also said that there were a considerable number of bans and stat resets to deal with cheating in Battlefield 3, in what DICE claims to be their largest crackdow…

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    Now, we all know that Battlefield 3 wasn't perfect at release. No game has ever, or will ever, launch on the same scale of this sort of games and be absolutely perfect. But, nevertheless, Battlefield 3 was a huge success with both gamers, including myself, and reviewers alike. And, with 2011 drawing to a close, the coveted "Best of..." awards that many game websites do are coming near.

    However, unfortunately for now we have to make do with the IGNnorant Best of 2011 Awards, for which the editors' choices just came out.

    Battlefield 3 was clearly going to do well here, being nominated across the board of all three platforms for best sound, best graphics, best shooter, best multiplayer and GOTY. And, with some shock, considering IGN's history of g…

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    Formal Retirement

    December 17, 2011 by Heatedpete

    Listen guys. I know this may sound incredibly sad and unannounced to almost everyone here (yes I know, I am such a god amongst TUs... ) but, due to a combination of real-world factors, as well as the fact that I lack any form of enthusiasm to do anything right now, I have taken it upon myself to decide that, for now, I will be withdrawing from editing on the wiki.

    This is more like BP's retirement than SSD's, in that I will be back, but, considering now I'm going into a critical exam period for me, I feel it right to take an extended break from editing on the wiki. This break will not be effective immediately - I have a few things I will sort out over the next couple of days, but, come Tuesday, Heatedpete will be going inactive for a long wh…

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