Hey all. Not my idea, but it helps to put out some promotion for it.

Over in the forums, we've recently had an idea proposed for a community event on Battlefield 3, across all three platforms. It's designed to be a fun event where anyone can join, so sign on up at the forum for your chosen console. The event will likely be organised for late-November/early-December, or around Christmas time, so make sure to get your diaries out and find out when you're good to go...

Also, Battlelog is up and running again (to the annoyance of DG), so sign up and find the platoons for the wiki. The PS3 platoon, abtly named the BF Wiki Clan, has been set up, and I'm sure, once people get going on the software, the other consoles' platoons will be going soon. That's all for now, HP out

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