Now, we all know that Battlefield 3 wasn't perfect at release. No game has ever, or will ever, launch on the same scale of this sort of games and be absolutely perfect. But, nevertheless, Battlefield 3 was a huge success with both gamers, including myself, and reviewers alike. And, with 2011 drawing to a close, the coveted "Best of..." awards that many game websites do are coming near.

However, unfortunately for now we have to make do with the IGNnorant Best of 2011 Awards, for which the editors' choices just came out.

Battlefield 3 was clearly going to do well here, being nominated across the board of all three platforms for best sound, best graphics, best shooter, best multiplayer and GOTY. And, with some shock, considering IGN's history of going with the bandwagon to get better public reaction, there are a huge number of results for Battlefield 3 to reveal:

  • Xbox 360 awards
    • Best Multiplayer game
    • Best Shooter
    • Best Sound
  • PlayStation 3 awards
    • Best Multiplayer game
  • PC awards
    • Best Shooter
    • Best Multiplayer game

Suprisingly, Battlefield 3 did a lot worse in the PS3 awards than in the other two, and that's because of one simple thing - in terms of exclusives, the PS3 has had two extremely amazing games this year - Resistance 3, which won best shooter, and Uncharted 3, which got Best Graphics and Best Sound over Battlefield 3.

Much to the chagrin of many, Battlefield 3 lost the PC Best Graphics to The Witcher 2, and somehow lost Best Sound to Portal 2, Let it be said, Portal 2 does sound very good, but Battlefield 3's sound is in a league of its own in terms of depth and detail, from the game's dialogue to the sound of weapons and explosions.

The voting for the People's Choice Awards closes on January 17th, so head on over to IGN and get voting, if you're bothered that is... HP out.

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