Might be a week late, but oh well.

DICE's Patrick Bach, an executive producer, has shed some light on vehicles during an interview with IGN at GDC 2011:

"I think the goal for all the Battlefield games and all the vehicles is that it's easy to control but hard to master. Everyone should be able to take off and fly, but not everyone should be an elite pilot. We're not building a simulation, but also we're not trying to make a stupid, dumbed down experience for vehicles." - Bach 1

Following Battlefield: Bad Company 2's "dumbed-down" version of Battlefield-style vehicular warfare, many players were concerned about the power of helicopters when in the hands of "Call of Duty-style" gamers2. With the recent explosion of player numbers expected to be playing Battlefield 3, this concern has grown hugely, especially with the accidental leakage of a possible BF3 release date very close to that of the unconfirmed Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

According to what Partick Bach has disclosed, we can tell that there will be a learning curve for players in terms of jets, helicopters and other vehicles, and not everyone may be able to master all the vehicle types there is on offer. But, rest assured, the style of gameplay that Battlefield fans know and live will return to our platforms in autumn this year.


  • 1 - Source: [1]
  • 2 - Discussed during a game with Battlefield 2/BC2 veterans on BFH. General feeling was negative towards unskilled players being more powerful with helos than skilled pilots.

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