I just wanted to throw this one out there to anyone who is wondering about the lateness of the beta - go onto YouTube and find the NextGenTactics channel, then search on their channel BF3 Beta non-Update. There DCRU Colin, a guy who frankly knows his stuff about Battlefield, basically talks about what he knows on the beta. In fact, there's a handily placed link for y'all. Now, what Colin says is that, despite the lateness of the beta, DICE are going to be able to make changes to the game during and after the beta stage. Watch the video, revell in some BFBC2 gameplay and listen to what he says. It's good stuff.

So, this ISN'T a blog post about a beta release, simply a blog post giving some words of advice on where to find answers or some pretty darn sweet BFBC2 gameplay. Happy viewing...

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